Saturday, May 14, 2011

It's That Kind of Night... know when you've been longing to hear from him and you miss the call the second you're away from your phone for 2 minutes. I mean, really? I eat, pee, shower, workout, go to dinner, hang out of with friends, clean, paint my toenails...WITH THE CELL PHONE! I've done this for the 6 months my husband was in OSUT and now for the last 8 months of this deployment. And the one time I get "lazy" with making sure my phone is attached at my hip, he calls...and I miss it. How annoying.

I'm sure all my fellow military wives know exactly what kind of feeling this is. For those that know this feeling, I don't need to elaborate. For those that don't know this feeling...imagine this: the love of your life is in a war zone. He gets to call very minimally and you know that he's probably looking forward to that time when he can call even more than you are. It kind of feels like a punch in the gut...a pit in your stomach kind of feeling.

But, at least he called...and even if I didn't get to hear his voice, I know he's safe.

...I miss him. A lot.

That's all for tonight.

Lord, please keep my husband and all the other troops safe. Bring them home safe and soon. "The ones left behind" really miss them. Amen.

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