Sunday, February 20, 2011

It's been a while... (day 165)

It's sure been a while since my last blog update. Mainly because school is completely bogging me down, in addition to having an amazing 2 year old to care for. I'm so thankful for Noah. He's amazing. He keeps me on my toes. He fills my days and nights....making it *a little* easier to deal with this deployment.

Speaking of's never-ending. However, today something struck me right in the face when I realized how soon R&R is (sorry, OPSEC, I can't post dates ;)! But it's soon...I can't wait. Just to see him, in itself, is going to be an amazing feeling. But not only will I get to see his face, but I'll get to touch his face, hug him, kiss's just going to be an amazing feeling. Many say to me, "Wait until R&R is's going to be twice as hard to let him go"...well, I'm not worrying about that until the day it's time to send him back (I was going to write more on that topic...but part of not worry about it until he's back is NOT worrying about it before he even comes home!)

Well, that's all for tonight. Just a short update...more to come, though! Everday...I made that promise to myself at the beginning of this deployment and I slacked (a lot). But reading my thoughts and feelings on those 1st few really made me realize how strong I've been...and how fast time as gone!

Lord, please keep my husband and his unit out of harms way. Cover them with your loving arms and bring them back to us safely. Amen.

Much love and many prayers <3