Saturday, April 16, 2011

She's a Military Wife

A woman for all seasons
A woman for today
She grows to meet the challenges
And grows along the way

Her life is not an easy one
With many loads to bear
But she proudly serves her husband
And the uniform he wears

Although she didn't take the oath
To preserve democracy
She's there each day on the home front
To keep our country free

She's foreign-born or a country girl
Diversity you will find
But to be an army wife
It takes a special kind

She's one who keeps on going
Through adversity and pain
She's the steady, strong foundation
When nothing stays the same

She the one who sheds a tear
As Old Glory passes by
But couldn't give an answer
If you were to ask her why

Throughout the years, she marches on
Through tears and joy and strife
She's America's unsung hero -
She's A Military Wife!!

Author Unknown

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