Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 35 was a good day. It's day number 36, which only means it's 1 day closer until I'm in his arms again (the one place I feel safe, comforted, unconditionally loved...). I shopped with my beautiful mother, and I had plans to have dinner with an amazing friend, Shawna. We decided it sit and visit --- so much better than dinner! She's such a wonderful person!
I read a blog earlier and it really got me thinking about being a mother. So, tonight's blog isn't really about the's about motherhood.
I became a mother the day I conceived my beautiful baby boy - March of 2008. I never thought my life would change so much. I never thought such a tiny little life could bring my husband & I so much happiness, so much fulfillment. I pray that I'm doing everything right. I want my son to grow up to be a respectful, successful, independent adult who loves God and his family. What can a mother do to ensure her children will grow and prosper? They can love them...simply love them. Provide them a stable, structure-filled home (not just a house...but a loving home), and make sure they know how much they are loved. We've all made mistakes in our lives, I know this first hand. I pray that I can lead my son in a direction that he doesn't need to learn mistakes the hard way. Maybe he can learn from my mistakes...and not have to make his own. But we know that everyone makes mistakes in life. We all have to learn from our mistakes. And sometimes, that's the best way to learn life's lessons.
I hope I'm showing my son the right path in life...that I'm loving him as he needs to be loved! I love that little boy unconditionally. He's absolutely amazing :)

On another topic (you guessed it, the Army topic) --- here's a picture I saw on the internet tonight. Think about husband's life is on the line to protect our rights. If for nothing else, stand for our vets/troops who have put their lives on the line for us to have this right...


  1. I love that you described becoming a mother when your son was conceived...not many people think about and appreciate the fact that parenthood begins at conception! :) You sound like a wonderful mother. I'm so looking forward to the day when I can have little ones of my own, too! It's been my dream to be a mommy since I was about 9 years old.

    Also, great comic. I saw that on true...I wish that all Americans would take at least a small moment to consider and be thankful for what our troops have done and are doing for us.

    Stay strong! God is with you and your family.

    Malori :)

  2. I'm a very firm believer that life begins at conception. I use to be very active in the pro-life movement until the Army got put into our equation...but I'm still stand firm on my belief :) Motherhood is the most amazing experience. I wouldn't trade it for anything.