Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day 5

I failed to post for the 4th day...that's ok though =) I was exhausted.

Well, what's new today? I still didn't hear from my Soldier...but I'm sure he's doing well. I'm sure they're training hard and getting ready for whatever is to come.

Today, my amazing little boy decided to color all over the walls. So, I did what my grandmother did to me. I got him a sponge and made him clean it off. LOL...he's not even two yet so I thought for sure he'd get bored of it before it was cleaned. Nope...he cleaned the wall spotless. Good boy, Noah ;) Don't color on the walls again! =)

As far as me...the days don't bother me, too much. It's the nights that really get to me. I miss him being in my bed. BUT, I won't feel sorry for myself. It's going to be a really long year if I do...

Lord, please keep my husband and his unit safe and out of harms way <3

~Peace and love~

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